Therapeutic Intervention

We provide a range of Psychological therapies that can help understand criminal behaviour or target the factors that underpin it.  We work with people who have committed a variety of criminal offences.  Our therapy can range from developing the client’s understanding of why the offences occurred, to specific treatment of an unhelpful behaviour.  Our intervention work is delivered in a collaborative and responsive manner, with a focus on the individual and helping to create opportunities for success.  Below are some of the most popular therapies that we deliver:

  • Understanding why an offence happened.
  • Managing violent and aggressive behaviour.
  • Understanding and managing unhelpful attitudes.
  • Managing anger and other unhelpful emotions
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Creating successful relationships
  • Managing depression, anxiety and trauma.
  • Managing substance misuse

Intervention work for men who have committed sexual offences

We have particular expertise in providing treatment and therapeutic intervention for men who have committed sexual offences.  This ranges from developing a general understanding of why the offence occured, to more specialised treatment to reduce inappropriate sexual interests.  Our therapy providers have extensive experience of working with men who have committed a range of offences and all of the work is carried out in a collaborative and mindful manner. Below are some of the popular therapies we have delivered for men who have committed sexual offences:

  • Understanding why an offence happened
  • Exploring beliefs and attitudes that support sexual offending
  • Managing inappropriate sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Developing healthy future relationships
  • Setting up a successful future
Therapeutic Intervention

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