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Independent prison psychology reports

Our Psychologists have extensive experience of working with men and women in prison.  With over twenty-five years experience collectively of working within prisons and managing Psychology Departments, our Psychologists understand the needs of prisoners and what is required to help them progress with their sentence and lead a positive life. 

Collectively our Psychologists have provided assessments for over 200 Parole Board reviews.  Our aim is to use the most up-to-date evidence based theory and methods to assist in decision-making.  We aim to provide recommendations that are realistic, rehabilitative, and based on the individual needs of the prisoner.  Where necessary, we support our assessments with expert evidence at Parole Board oral hearings.

We welcome instruction from legal representatives. 

Criminal court proceedings

We provide independent assessments to assist with criminal court proceedings for adults and young people.  There are factors that can impact on a defendant’s ability to enter a plea and stand trial.  A psychological assessment of cognitive functioning, suggestibility and mental health can help support the defendant during the court process.

There are a number of factors that can impact on a person’s behaviour when they commit an offence.  Understanding what has influenced the behaviour can help to inform appropriate sentencing and treatment.  Our Psychologists provide specialist risk and needs assessments that include consideration of mental health, personality disorder and intellectual difficulties.

We welcome instruction from legal representatives and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service.

Family court proceedings and therapy

Often families are impacted by when a family member has committed an offence or there has been victimisation.  A Psychological assessment can help to understand the risks and problems experienced by individual family members and help consider safe and healthy future.

We complete assessments for care proceedings that include specialist risk assessment, capacity to protect and consideration of individual needs such as mental health, personality disorder and intellectual difficulties.  Our aim is to provide recommendations that assist decision-making in care proceedings.

Sometimes decisions need to be made about a family outside of court proceedings.  A Psychological assessment can help to understand potential risks and needs and make recommendations to assist with decisions about matters such as intervention, placement and contact.

We assess adults and young people and welcome instruction from local authorities and legal representatives.

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