Specialist Assessments

Intellectual difficulties, autism and offending

People with intellectual difficulties and autistic spectrum condition are over-represented in the prison population.  Without specialist assessment their needs may not be accounted for in the court processes, they may struggle within custodial settings and may not be linked to the appropriate services in the community.

Our Psychologists use internationally renowned tools to assess for intellectual difficulties, problems with cognitive functioning and developmental disorders such as autistic spectrum condition.  This can help to identify the individual’s specific needs, identify links to offending behaviour and signpost to appropriate interventions and services

Brain injury and offending

Latest research indicates that many people within prison have been rendered unconscious and suffered a head injury at some point during their life.  Although knowledge is developing, indications are that there may be close link between brain injury and offending.  This is commonly related to problems with executive functioning that result following a head injury and impact on a person’s ability to manage impulses, emotions, make plans and decisions. 

Psychological assessments can help raise awareness of brain injury, it’s impact on the person and possible links to offending behaviour.  Our Psychologists have particular expertise in this area and can help decision makers within the criminal justice system be more aware of the individual’s needs and make recommendations for future management and intervention.

Young people (12-18 years old)

When young people come into contact with the criminal justice, health and social services it is important that agencies and decision-makers understand their particular needs.  Often young people who perpetrate crime have been victimised themselves and have particular needs such as trauma, attachment and intellectual functioning.  A Psychological assessment can establish the particular risks and needs of a young person and make recommendations of how best to support and manage them for a safe and healthy future.

We welcome referrals from local authorities, legal representatives and Youth Offending Services.

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